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Best Seller

Hair Vitamins 1+1 FREE

Food supplement
Try our revolutionary formula that:
  • It's shiny. strong and healthy hair!
  • As much as 450 ug biotin per dose
  • 1 pack = for 1 month of regular use
  • With the addition of collagen
  • No added sugar
Net 300 g | for 60 days
Regular price: £57.98
In stock
and save £28.99
14-day refund policy
Free delivery for orders over £50
Delivery within 2-3 working days

Is your hair losing its shine and you have more and more split ends?

Do you wash and blow-dry your hair often and occasionally also dye it?


Is your hair dry or greasy or you have dandruff?


Do you use harsh products? (hairspray, hydrogen peroxide, dyes…)



TRY the Revolutionary HAIR VITAMINS Formula
  • for all hair types,
  • for significantly stronger hair,
  • for healthier and thicker hair,
  • with an amazing shine,
  • and soft to the touch!

Results visible in 30 days!

and save 28,99  £
100% purchase protection and an option of a refund – no question asked


Definitely stronger and shinier hair after 1 month of use! I can say that I will be using Hair Vitamins forever.


I’ve used much more expensive products before, but they didn’t help me as much as Hair Vitamins! My hair seems to be growing faster than before.


I have been using Hair vitamins for 3 weeks now and the effect is fantastic – they really work! My hair is much more lush. I recommend it!


I would like to mention your fast delivery! I received the package in two days. I am incredibly happy with the product, none of the products I have used before have helped me so much. My hair is shiny after just one month. I recommend it 100x, thank you!


My new beauty ritual. Such a delicious drink, full of goodies for strong and healthy hair. I don’t know if it just seems to me, but my hair has never been so soft!

What are the benefits of Hair Vitamins?

Hair Vitamins
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  • In form of a delicious drink
  • 450 ug of biotin per dose
  • With added vitamin C for optimal effect
  • 1 pack = 1 month of regular use
  • Without sugar
  • In capsules, uncomfortable swallowing
  • Do not contain biotin
  • No added vitamin C
  • 1 pack = less than a month of use
  • With added sugar

Hair Vitamins 1+1 FREE

Revolutionary drink for healthy hair

  • 5 g contains as much as 450 ug Biotina
  • No sugar
  • With the addition of collagen
  • It offers long-lasting and comprehensive care of your hair
Hair Vitamins is a blend of active ingredients which nourishes your hair.

Beautiful and healthy hair is not only beautiful to look at but also an indicator of overall health!

Various factors affect hair loss, its growth and renewal, and the most common factors are age, genetics, hormones and the changing seasons. Despite these factors, we can do a lot for healthy hair on our own, with optimal nutrient intake…

The best alternative that helps to hair health is certainly biotin.

Biotin is a vitamin B group, labeled B7 and is the most important micro nutrient for healthy hair.

The second most important ingredient of hair vitamins, however, is definitely extremely high quality type 2 kolagen.

The formula also contains vitamin C, which helps to build collagen, and as an antioxidant it protects against free radicals.

100% natural ingredients


Also known as vitamin B7, it is often referred to as avitamin beautyas it contributes to maintaining healthy hair.


After the age of 20, collagen production begins to decline and as a result our hair is thin and weak. Hair vitamins make sure to add kolagen to your body.


MSM is a source of sulfur, which is an important element in the human body because it is a building block of protein.


Vitamin C helps to protect cells from oxidative damage and contributes to normal collagen formation and normal function of bones, teeth, cartilage, gums, skin and blood vessels.


That is why our bundle includes

1+1 FREE

and save 28,99  £
100% purchase protection and an option of a refund – no question asked.



Frequent question of our users:

How and why does it work?

The best ingredient that helps to hair health is definitely biotin. Colagen is an important protein found in hair, skin, cartilage and connective tissues. Vitamin C helps to build collagen and protects hair from oxidative stress as an antioxidant.

Who is it for?

It is intended for anyone who has hair problems and wants to feed their hair.

What are the ingredients?

Hydrolysed collagen powder, MSM, orange flavour, vitamin C, beetroot concentrate powder and biotin.

When will the first results be visible?

You will notice the first results after only 30 days of regular use. The most optimal results are visible after 2 months of regular use.

How long does shipping take?

We will do our best to process your order the same day and send it for delivery. On average, packages are delivered between 2-3 work days.

What if I don’t like it?

No worries! If the product does not meet your expectations, we offer a 14-day refund.

Best Seller

Hair Vitamins 1+1 FREE

Try our revolutionary formula that:
  • It's shiny. strong and healthy hair!
  • As much as 450 ug biotin per dose
  • 1 pack = for 1 month of regular use
  • With the addition of collagen
  • No added sugar
Net 300 g | for 60 days
Regular price: £57.98
and save £28.99
100% purchase protection with the option of returning the product - no questions asked.



  • Ingredients

  • Nutritional Values



    The recommended daily dose is 5 g (1 scoop). Mix in a glass of water and consume as soon as the powder dissolves. With 5 g of powder, you consume 450 µg (900 % NRV) of biotin and 100 mg (125% NRV) of vitamin C.


    A dietary supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. The recommended daily dosage must not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of children! Pregnant woman and breastfeeding mothers are not advised to consume the product.

    Due to natural variations in the properties of the active ingredients, the colour, taste and smell of the product may vary slightly from batch to batch. These changes do not affect the overall quality and performance of the product.

  • Ingredients

    Hair Vitamins – a dietary supplement.

    Ingredients: Maltodextrin, erythritol, hydrolysed collagen powder, MSM, orange flavour, stabiliser: cellulose powder, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), beetroot powder concentrate, biotin (D-biotin), steviol glycosides.

  • Nutritional Values

    per 100 gper dosage (5 g)
    Biotin9.000 µg450 μg (900% NRV)
    Vitamin C5.000 mg100 mg (125 %NRV)
    Beef Collagene1000 mg

    * NRV = Nutritional Reference Value


    Ema - 17.03.0022

    I love it! I believe it is really making my hair longer and thicker. No negative comments about this at all and the best part is that these vitamins are delicious

    Saša - 13.01.2022

    Health care for my body

    Mateja - 19.01.2022

    I personally do not know if this works bought it for my mother but she says it works.

    Tadeja - 04.03.2022


    Petra - 11.03.2022

    love this! It really does work. My hair is so much thicker and healthier and looks great! :)

    Maruška - 17.03.2022

    I have had very bad hair loss since I started popping out kids . 4 years later after my last kid and still my hair kept falling out in chunks. I’ve tried other hair vitamins but this one really do it for me. My hair doesn’t fall out much anymore if at all.very happy it’s this product.

    Nina - 15.04.2022

    I really like this product and it works. My hair looks great. I've recommended this to several friends.

    Stella - 28.04.2022

    These works so great they grow your hair within a week or two. I highly recommend them it's the only brand I use now

    Tanja - 03.05.2022

    Made my hair healthier.

    Jera - 04.05.2022

    I have used this product for a number of years. It helps nourish my hair.

    Nika - 26.05.2022

    So have been using these for over 3 years. And my hair keept getting better and better. Recently started buying these for my sister in law and she says they have helped her too.

    Rebeka - 06.07.2022

    I’m very pleased. I believe it’s making a positive difference

    Urša - 07.07.2022

    Ok. I waited 3 months to write this since that is when it says you should start seeing results. I personally don't see a difference in how my hair looks, but two co-workers have told me my hair looks thicker. It does feel thicker, but I don't actually SEE that it looks thicker. What I have noticed is less shedding, and much less strands of hair stuck to my hands in the shower. So this stuff is definitely doing something. I'll edit this review at 6 months and add to it, and hopefully add that fifth star. But so far, so good!

    Teja - 16.07.2022

    I have used for 3 months. Got some new hair growing around hairline so far.

    Oriana - 03.08.2022

    Way better then I thought they would be

    Rok - 19.08.2022

    I am on my third month of this. I have zero new hair growth that I can see.I will say that my hair stopped falling out as much as it used to. With that being said, sadly it looks the same.

    Mišo - 22.08.2022

    easy to take

    Eva - 09.09.2022

    Good drink, saw changes after few weeks of use

    Marina - 11.09.2022

    I hope to see some really good hair growth in two or three months

    Klara - 19.09.2022

    I don’t write a lot of reviews, but feel this product deserves it. I’ve been on this faithfully for over 2 months & feel like there’s been a tremendous reduction in hair loss & root integrity.

    Kaja - 13.10.2022

    This is great. If you're just getting into picking a vitamin for your hair or if you're looking for something for a reasonable price this is a great option. I started taking these vitamins for just a bit more that 4 weeks before seeing results.

    Manja - 18.10.2022

    They're fine - especially for the amazing price.

    Valerija - 29.11.2022

    I've tried many vitamins like this and these aren't bad.

    Marie - 21.12.2022

    Well, I’ve been taking these hair vitamins for 2 weeks. I realized today while washing my hair that it wasn’t falling out in the shower…like at all. My husband jokes and says it looks like a Chewbacca exploded every time I shower because SO MUCH hair usually falls out when I wash it. Thankfully, I have a good amount of hair or I would have been in trouble. However, I noticed a couple days ago that my hair wasn’t everywhere in the shower…and then today when I washed my hair I paid attention and realized ALMOST NO STRAND of hair fell out while showering! That’s crazy. Hope the results hold up, and can’t wait to see the full results after a month or 2! Highly recommended!

    Neža - 05.01.2023

    These are a game changer for me. They have really helped. My hairstylist says my hair is very healthy and strong for being 57 years old. and having colored them for decades. I would highly recommend these vitamins.

    Marta - 07.01.2023

    This product has exceeded my expectations!

    Vlasta - 17.01.2023

    After three months no new hair but quality of hair is better. Still falling out at same rate as before I started. Glad it is working for others.

    Žan - 23.01.2023

    It seems like it’s working: really can’t give a good review yet

    Lina C. - 11.07.2023

    I love all the products

    Elk M. - 15.02.2024

    Francisca M. - 24.02.2024

    I love the presentation

    Duan H. - 15.03.2024

    Cant telluch until receives the purchase. Hopefully everything is good 👍👍

    Francisca M. - 19.03.2024

    Wonderful product

    Rahela N. - 19.03.2024


    Edward H. - 26.03.2024

    The adress delivery is change i want no northolt the correct adress is wembley north ha9 7LU 70B peel road

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