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10 years of the best nature has to offer for your fitness diet

Nature’s Finest is a Slovenian brand that is known as a trendsetter in the field of dietary supplements and food. We are a Slovenian ecological company from all aspects. Our products contain only carefully selected top-quality ingredients that we obtain globally. In ten years, we have successfully launched more than 200 products on the market. We are present in more than 35 countries around the world, and we can proudly say that our products are already used by more than a million regular customers.


If you exercise regularly, which includes weight training and conditioning, it is important that you also pay attention to proper nutrition. Above all, the food we eat contains macro nutrients – proteins, carbohydrates and fats on which depend muscle growth, endurance during exercise, post workout regeneration, achieving the desired results and ultimately our well-being. The vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibres found in the wholesome foods, nourish every cell in the body and provide quality fuel for our trainings.

There are several important aspects to why proper nutrition has to be included when planning the training. What should you eat before, during and after exercise?

Make Nature’s Finest products your daily choice!

Make sure to take a delicious meal before a workout

The entire training practically depends on what we eat before the exercise. Above all, it is important not to overeat, as undigested food can get stuck in the stomach during training. A pre-workout meal can be consumed in the form of a beverage when we do not have enough time to prepare a meal. It is recommended to drink easily digestible one, just before exercise.

Tip: make easy and nutritious smoothie with rice drink, water, cocoa powder, chocolate 63% protein shake and agave syrup.




Organic plant-based protein shake that tastes really great! Creamy and delicious!

A plant-based shake with an amazing 63% of protein content, designed to meet body’s post-workout needs.

The blend of carefully selected ingredients ensures the perfect combination of nutrients, as well as an excellent flavour. The protein blend contains the perfect amino acid profile due to the specific blend of pea protein, rice protein, chia seed powder and quinoa powder.

A blend of quality proteins with a pleasant flavour and silky soft texture, which dissolves in your favourite smoothie, almond milk, or just water.

10 let najboljše iz narave za vašo fitnes prehrano
10 let najboljše iz narave za vašo fitnes prehrano


The ancient people of South America considered the cocoa “the food of the gods”.


Bio cocoa powder is raw and organically produced cocoa, obtained from the highest quality whole cocoa beans. They contain magnesium and iron, which help reduce fatigue and exhaustion, and zinc which protects cells from oxidative stress and helps maintain healthy hair, nails and skin.

Manganese, copper and vitamin C support the immune system.

It is a rich source of antioxidants, even richer source than the green tea.


Organically produced rice drink is a much healthier and increasingly popular alternative to cow’s milk. It is great for people who have problems with lactose intolerance and various allergies. Often not consuming cow’s milk may lead to calcium deficiency. For this reason, our rice drink is enriched with calcium, which takes care of healthy bones and teeth, normal muscle and nerve functions.

It is very simple to prepare and store. With 250 g you can prepare 2,5L of drink.

You can use it with the morning cereals, healthy smoothies, desserts, coffee and many other delicious meals! You can also serve it to your children without any worries.


Bio Rice Drink

Always freshly prepared rice drink

£5.84 £4.67

Do not miss a snack during workout

A meal during training is important only for those whose training time is longer than 90 minutes and who train with high intensity. During training, you should eat food that provides a quick supply of energy and does not burden the digestion. Therefore, most sports supplements during exercise are in the form of light snacks.



Crunchy and delicious sensation!

Combination of oat flakes, raw cocoa powder, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut flakes, dark chocolate chips with 70% cocoa, chia seeds and almonds, all together in one granola, baked following the traditional recipe… yummy. To sweeten up, we added agave syrup and coconut palm sugar.

Already feel the flavour?

10 let najboljše iz narave za vašo fitnes prehrano
10 let najboljše iz narave za vašo fitnes prehrano

It is important to drink enough fluids 

You should eat enough food and drink enough fluids before and after your workout, especially to keep your blood glucose levels above normal. This will increase your performance and shorten the post-workout regeneration time. It is important to stay hydrated.



Vitamin Water FOCUS is a refreshing pineapple-flavoured drink that provides the daily needs of 10 vitamins and minerals that support the normal energy metabolism, and in addition magnesium, vitamin B6, B12 and calcium help reduce fatigue.



For all who want to quench their thirst and consume important vitamins and minerals for:

  • strong immune system
  • more energy
  • better concentration
  • nervous system support.

No sugars and preservatives added, only with the natural fruit aroma!



Magnesium is a mineral that is very important for the proper functioning of nerves and muscles, including the heart muscle.

Magnesium deficiency can manifest as unpleasant fatigue, lack of energy, incoherence, and muscle dysfunction, especially as frequent muscle cramps.

The average adult needs 300-400 mg of magnesium per day for normal muscle and nerve function. Very active individuals need it even more.

10 let najboljše iz narave za vašo fitnes prehrano
10 let najboljše iz narave za vašo fitnes prehrano

Do not forget the post-workout meal

One of the most important meals in the diet of any athlete or recreational athlete is definitely the post-workout meal. After exercise, the body is exhausted and urgently needs proper nutrients. It is recommended to eat a post-workout meal immediately after the end of the workout, when the muscles have the greatest regenerative ability. It is best consumed in liquid form, such as protein drinks, as they are absorbed faster.

Prepare a delicious chocolate pudding. You only need 3 ingredients: rice drink powder, water and Bio Chocolate 63% Protein Shake.



Remember that eating the right food is almost 80% of the final success, so pay as much attention to healthy meals as you do to exercise.

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