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Constantly stressed out?

Stress has become an inescapable part of our lives, which we experience everywhere, but only if we allow it. At work, at home, in the store, on the road… it’s hard to be focused all the time, especially if nothing goes as planned. Although we are not aware of this, even a small meaningless thing can cause stress, and affect us and our health.


Many questions arise: Why does stress happen to us? How do we notice it? Is stress normal? How do we manage it?


What exactly is stress?

Stress is a situation that triggers a certain biological response. When we perceive a threat or a major challenge, our body is flooded with hormones, thus protecting us from stressors. When we face a challenge, part of our response is physical. The body activates the resources with which it protects us and prepares for an escape as quickly as possible.

Are we really used to work under constant pressure? Should we avoid it? 

Short-term stress may even has a positive effect on us. It encourages creative thinking, dynamism and motivation to work. On the other hand, prolonged or repetitive stress can be destructive or harmful to our body. Therefore, too much constant stress can have quite a negative impact on our long-term health.

Healthy stress should only be temporary. When the challenge or the stressful event is behind us, the heart rate and breathing should slow down and the muscles should relax. In a short time, our body must return to its natural state, without any long-lasting negative effects. Severe, frequent or prolonged stress can be mentally and physically harmful. And this happens quite often.


How do we recognise this?

Stress slows down our normal functions – the immune and digestive system. All energy or reserves are focused on rapid breathing, blood flow, attention and the use of muscles.

Ste nenehno pod stresom?

To the question “How often are you under stress?”, 80 percent of Slovenians answered that they had at least one symptom of stress in the last month. Twenty percent reported being under extreme stress. Life is as it is, stress cannot be completely eliminated. However, we can learn to avoid it when possible and naturally manage it.

The most common negative effects of stress are:

  • Severe fatigue
  • Bad concentration
  • Insomnia
  • Accumulation of excess body weight
  • Tension and mood swings
  • Weakened immune system

If you have any of these signs, it’s time for a change. Wondering how to naturally halve the unwanted stress?



food supplement with sweetener


  • Up to 32 % less stress after 6 weeks of using the product regularly 1
  • Up to 53 % less stress after 12 weeks 1
  • Works at the neuron level (nerve cells) 1
  • Decreases the value of alpha-amylase – a stress indicator 1
  • Contains 7 B vitamins, that contribute to normal nervous function 2
150g | for 15 days
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There are a many ways to naturally calm and overcome the effects caused by stress. Just changing our daily habits can be effective in dealing with stress:

  • include physical activity
  • healthy diet
  • adequate sleep
  • free time
  • relaxation
  • a comprehensive approach with natural solutions

Many experts confirm that peace and relaxation are promoted by a number of herbs, plants and natural extracts that have been used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years.

Relax with chamomile

If you only take 5 or 10 minutes to indulge in a cup of chamomile tea, you can relieve stress and tension. Due to its calming effect, a cup of chamomile tea is great just before bedtime.

Reduce anxiety with bergamot

Bergamot, with its wonderful citrus scent and Italian origin, has become a popular essential oil for relieving tension and anxiety, also supported by scientific studies. The use of bergamot stimulates the brain, which affects neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, which promote calmness.

Overcome worries with lavender

Lavender is the winner when it comes to oils that help overcome stress and anxiety. Lavender is most commonly used as part of soaps and perfumes, also drunk as a tea, used as an essential oil or tincture. Lavender essential oil is a wonderful addition to bath water that helps calm the mind and create a muscle relaxing effect.

Prepare a refreshing drink with lemon

Although lemon is often invigorating, the fresh scent used in the kitchen can also help relieve stress. Prepare a drink that relieves stress, tension and agitation. Stir and drink daily the freshly squeezed lemon, orange, OK!Stress and 3dcl of warm water.


  • SERENZO™ – Serenzo™ is a natural, organically certified active ingredient obtained from orange extract. Serenzo™ has been shown to regulate stress and inhibit the action of the D2 receptors, which are responsible for the body’s response to stress.
  • B-COMPLEX – The B-complex is a group of vitamins that are important for our nervous system. In addition to their common function, each of the B vitamins has other important roles in our body, such as preventing fatigue and supporting the immune system.
  • LEMON – Natural lemon aroma, which adds freshness and great taste to the drink. No sugar added.
Ste nenehno pod stresom?


OK!Stress contains the patented Serenzo™ formula, which has been clinically proven to reduce stress levels. The action takes place at the neurons, where Serenzo™ is identified as an adenosine (stress regulator), which inhibits the action of the D2 receptors – responsible for the body’s response to stress.

The active substance of Serenzo ™ in a clinical study helped users to achieve:

  • 32% less stress after 6 weeks of regular use and
  • 53% less stress after 12 weeks of regular use.

Check it out yourself – reduce the stress today!

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