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RICE DRINKS – authentic flavour and always fresh

Looking for a healthy, vegan and tasty alternative to cow’s milk? Many people have stopped using animal milk for a variety of reasons. Some are unable to drink it due to allergies or lactose intolerance, others follow a vegan diet and have an ethical problem with consuming animal products. As a result, a range of non-standard milk substitutes is now available. Each has a different nutritional profile, taste, colour and texture.

Rice drinks come from plant sources such as nuts, rice, seeds and grains. Let’s get to know these rice powder drinks, their many health effects and nutritional content.


An organically produced plant drink is a much healthier and increasingly popular substitute for cow’s milk. It is great for people who have problems with lactose intolerance and various allergies.


The health benefits of the rice drink

Heart-friendly (healthy heart)

Because our rice drink does not contain cholesterol, it is, therefore, a great substitute for individuals who have high cholesterol issues. Elevated cholesterol increases the risk of developing heart disease and having a stroke. The latter must include low-cholesterol food or foods with no cholesterol in their diet. Rice drinks can therefore be great for a daily meal.

For the lactose intolerant

Lactose is a type of sugar that is made up of two simple types of sugar, glucose and galactose. Lactose intolerance is caused by a lack of lactase in the small intestine. It is an enzyme needed to digest milk sugar.

The rice drink does not contain lactose and is, therefore, unlike milk, suitable for anyone suffering from lactose metabolism problems. It also facilitates the digestive system and accelerates the improvement of the bacterial environment of the gut, preventing digestive disorders and infections.

Suitable for people with milk protein allergy 

With an allergy to cow’s milk, the immune system overreacts to the proteins in it. This causes allergic symptoms, which can happen immediately after ingestion or contact with food or only even after a few hours. People who are allergic to milk protein can suffer cell damage. A rice drink is an excellent alternative to cow’s milk as it does not contain milk protein.


A good source of vitamin B

A rice drink is a good source of B vitamins such as thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin D and calcium. Vitamin B maintains the nervous system, skin and healthy eyesight. It is crucial for maintaining metabolism, circulating body fluids and the nervous system, which helps fight disease. Regular consumption of rice this drink can therefore also help maintain and strengthen the body and the entire immune system.

It contains carbohydrates that give you energy

The rice drink contains carbohydrates that give you energy and is a good source of carbohydrates as it provides energy and has less fat. Carbohydrates help maintain fitness and low cholesterol levels. The rice drink is, therefore, one of the better drinks to increase energy, especially if we do sports; it is good to drink it in the morning.

Who is the product for?

We recommend the product to anyone looking for a plant-based alternative to milk, to anyone with lactose intolerance, including allergy sufferers, vegans and vegetarians. It is great for everyone on various diets and those who love a healthy lifestyle.

Why is Nature’s Finest rice drink different?

The drink is powdered and therefore always fresh

We probably all agree that there is no better meal than the one that is prepared fresh. When you want the drink, you simply mix the powder into any beverage and the meal is ready to be consumed.

Completely without added sugar

Still suitable for individuals with sweet tooths. It has a sweet and light taste, but it is still healthy and low in calories. When we enjoy a drink, it is always good to know that it has no extra sugars. Rice drinks are already naturally sweeter than other milk substitutes.

100% natural origin and organically produced with all necessary certificates

Exceptional taste

Although the product does not contain added sugar, it tastes exceptional. You can choose from 6 different flavours: plain Bio Rice drink, Bio Rice drink with Coconut, Bio Rice drink with Cacao, Bio Rice drink with Cacao and Vanilla, Bio Rice drink with Almond and Bio Rice drink with Calcium.

Great for on the go

You can take the rice drink with you to work, on trips or holiday. Store it at room temperature and it does not take up much space.

It can be mixed with anything

The product is powdered, so it can be mixed with your favourite drink. It can be used to better the taste or as a completely independent meal.

Suitable for all ages

The drink is great for both the elderly and the youth. For children, we mix it with water as a simple meal, or add it to their breakfast and enrich the taste.


Like other cereal drinks, it contains very little saturated fat and is lactose-free, making it suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerant individuals.

Made in EU

Using the drink in your daily diet
The Rice drink is super easy to prepare and store. With 250g we can make as much as 2.5 litres of drink. It is great for morning cereals, healthy smoothies, desserts, coffee. The rice drink can be used as the main ingredient of rice pudding, added to ingredients for making ice cream, making coffee cream, or as an addition to many desserts and daily meals in general.

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