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Best Seller
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Night FatBurn Extreme 1+1 FREE

The ultimate 4-in-1 night fat burner that helps you lose weight and reduce waist circumference while you sleep!

PROVEN:  slimmer waist* with natural ingredients

  • Proven Morosil® formula
  • Supports relaxation and helps you fall asleep more easily ²
  • Helps maintain quality sleep at night ²
  • Helps control and stabilize body weight ⁴
  • It helps to make the body silhouette more refined ⁴

Lose weight while you sleep!

Net 250 g | for 50 days
Regular price: £69.80
In stock
and save £34.90
14-day refund policy
Free delivery for orders over £50
Delivery within 2-3 working days

Do you want to improve your sleep and lose extra weight?

The patented Morosil® formula containing red orange extract.

Valerian extract has a general calming effect and helps with insomnia.

Red wine extract (obtained from Vitis vinifera L.) with 30% polyphenols helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, control and stabilize body weight and helps to make the silhouette more refined.



Morosil® is an extract obtained from Moro red oranges, a unique variety of dark red orangs with the higest contenst of anthocyanins.

²Valerian extract

Valerian is a flowering plant native to Europe and Asia with powerfull positive effects on sleep and relaxation. It is proven to help you fall asleep more easily, maintain the quality of your sleep and supports mental and physical well-being.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is crucial for fat metabolism because it ensures that long-chain fatty acids are transferred to the mitochondria, where they are converted into energy.

⁴Red wine extract

Red Wine Extract (derived from Vitis vinifera L.) with 30% polyphenols, controls and stabilizes body weight and helps refine the silhouette.


I have been drinking Night FatBurn for the last 2 months and I am really impressed with the results. I have already lost quite a few kilos and fat around my stomach, which was my goal.


The results are noticeable and the weight loss is more successful than if I had only exercised and eaten healthily. I sleep much better and notice a change around my waist!


I have been drinking Night FatBurn and I am really impressed with the results. My figure is much better and slimmer, also my sleep has improved.

Turn your sleep into a fat burning ritual!


With natural active ingredients and patented Morosil® red orange extract.

Helps to control and stabilize body weight, helps to refine the body silhouette.

Order your Night FatBurn Extreme today and start losing weight – easier than ever!


Night FatBurn Extreme 1+1 FREE

The ultimate 4-in-1 night fat burner

Frequent question of our users:

How and why it works?

With Morosil red orange extract. Valerian ensures healthy sleep. Red wine extract helps control body weight.

Who is it suitable for?

It's suitable for anyone who wants to lose weight, burn fat and improve their physique while sleeping.

What ingredients does it contain?

Tapioca starch, sweetener erythritol, Morosil® (red orange extract), orange flavor, L-carnitine, red wine extract, extract of valerian, sweetener steviol glycoside.

What does it taste like?

Night FatBurn Extreme has a pleasant citrus flavor.

When will my package arrive?

We will do our best to process your order the same day and send it out for delivery. On average, packages are delivered between 2-3 days.

What if I don't like the product?

No worries! We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If the product does not meet your expectations, we provide a 14-day refund.

Best Seller

Night FatBurn Extreme 1+1 FREE

The ultimate 4-in-1 night fat burner that helps you lose weight and reduce waist circumference while you sleep!

PROVEN:  slimmer waist* with natural ingredients

  • Proven Morosil® formula
  • Supports relaxation and helps you fall asleep more easily ²
  • Helps maintain quality sleep at night ²
  • Helps control and stabilize body weight ⁴
  • It helps to make the body silhouette more refined ⁴

Lose weight while you sleep!

Net 250 g | for 50 days
Regular price: £69.80
and save £34.90
100% purchase protection with the option of returning the product - no questions asked.



  • Ingredients

  • Nutritional Values



    In the evening (aprox. 30 minutes before sleep) mix 5 g (1 scoop) in a glass of water (200 mL) and drink.


    The recommended daily amount or dose must not be exceeded. A nutritional supplement is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Pregnant women and nursing mothers are not advised to use it.

    Store in a dry and cool place. Keep out of reach of children!

    Due to natural variations in the properties of the active ingredients, the colour, taste and smell of the product may vary slightly from batch to batch. These changes do not affect the overall quality and performance of the product.

  • Ingredients

    Night FatBurn Extreme – diatary supplement with sweetener

    Ingredients: tapioca starch, sweetener erythritol, Morosil® (red orange (Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck)), orange flavor (3%), stabilizer: cellulose, L-carnitine, red wine extract (Vitis vinifera), extract of valerian (Valeriana officinalis L.), sweetener steviol glycoside.

  • Nutritional Values

    Per portion (5 g)
    Morosil®400 mg
    L-carnitine100 mg
    Valerian extract25 mg
    Red Wine Extract100 mg


    Anja - 12.03.2022

    ok product with good taste

    Paco - 03.05.2022

    I have tried a lot of fatburning products, but none of them worked as well as Night Fatburn. I really enjoy the taste and it makes me feel great! And i've lost weight.

    Izabela - 12.05.2022

    I've been using Night Fatburn for two months now and my weight has decreased by 7 kgs. Really happy with the results.

    Rafaella - 12.05.2022

    I started drinking Night Fatburn a few months ago because I wanted to lose some weight. I am really satisfied with the results, and I can strongly recommend this product to anyone who wants to lose fat in a healthy way without any side effects.

    lubafeneva70 - 17.05.2022

    I have been taking the Night Fat Burn for about 2 months and have actually lost a lot of weight. I am very happy with the results and would recommend to everyone!

    johnny_mol - 23.05.2022

    I ordered this product, and I really liked it. I didn't see any results after the first month, but what does one expect from a natural supplement...It is not a miracle pill.

    lu.tatukila - 15.06.2022

    I have tried many other fat burners and almoust all of them made me bloated. This one has no side effects so far i dont get bloated and in addition it gives me the energy i need to function the whole day.

    Leon - 12.07.2022

    The most important thing i noticed with Night Fatburn is the fact that I sleep much better during the night. I wake up in the morning and feel super energized and ready to go.

    ragarmr - 17.09.2022

    I am really impressed with the results i have seen from drinking Night Fatburn everyday. I have lost quite a lot of kilos and fat around my stomach, which is exactly what i was looking for in a weight loss product.

    gaelle_paris - 11.02.2023

    Hello, I have been taking this for about a week. Nothing so far but I think it's still to soon to notice anything, but I can tell you it tastes good and does not upset my stomach like most other weight loss products I've tried.

    Deborah G. - 10.07.2023

    Pleased with my order of night fat burn sleeping well and lost weight would highly recommend

    Shelagh M. - 10.07.2023

    Yes this works I've lost 7lb lost inches off my waist but not much of my stomach. I don't have it every night though( I forget to take it) and I've still lost weight. I was going to stop taking it after the first tin but I had to go to hospital(nothing to do with taking this) where I had test and was told my bloods were not just good but Excellent!!! This is the only thing I take I'm on no medication so I put it down to Natures fat burn extreme. I will keep taking it. It tastes okay bit like melon water

    Catrina R. - 11.07.2023

    Very easy to order an delivery is quick but been taking it for a week now an nothing is changed I still dong sleep properly

    Suzanne M. - 11.07.2023

    Amazing product we have been taking the night extreme fat burner drink for only two weeks and we have already noticed the difference

    Mr W. - 12.07.2023

    2 weeks in with the following results...... Tastes great. Easy to take. Makes you very regular. Unfortunately no weight loss as of yet. Touch disappointed that the tubs were only half full. Didn't weigh them so I'm assuming this is normal. Will continue and hopefully see better results later on.

    Elizabeth S. - 15.07.2023

    Was sceptical at first but just after aweek

    Katie W. - 16.07.2023

    Still not received order to rate it.

    Debbie T. - 16.07.2023

    Excellent product and super quick delivery

    Aileen M. - 17.07.2023

    Taking this nine days now

    debbie m. - 20.08.2023

    Great service

    Rasa K. - 21.08.2023


    Kim B. - 21.08.2023

    I take the Night Fatburn Extreme as i rwally li

    Olga C. - 23.08.2023

    I love it

    Angela C. - 23.08.2023

    Great product Sleeping much better x

    Faith O. - 25.08.2023

    It make me sleep but am not seeing a any changes in weight lose taking for 2weeks now

    Vanessa H. - 27.08.2023

    Definitely helps with sleeping

    Jeanette D. - 28.08.2023

    The drink tastes ok only been using for a few days so not seen much happening at the moment. Price was very good so happy to buy again. Maybe ask me again so I can let you know how I'm getting on.

    Maria H. - 29.08.2023

    I was really sceptical at 1st but after trying it for a few days it actually does work

    Garry R. - 30.08.2023

    Me and my partner started this last week

    Debra N. - 31.08.2023

    It helps me sleep and relax well but ofr the weight loss just started using for a week will add my review soon

    Emma-Jane S. - 31.08.2023

    I’ve lost 3lbs so far taking the night burner I have been on a restricted diet too but it’s absolutely helping.

    Sharon A. - 03.09.2023

    Jeni J. - 03.09.2023

    This is a good product. I've been taking for almost 2 weeks and feel good. I am noticing that my clothes feel looser.

    ALINA G. - 05.09.2023

    Zoe K. - 06.09.2023

    As of yet iv not lost a single pound but i have noticed im sleeping a bit better so for me im happy with that.

    Simone C. - 06.09.2023

    Seems to be working.

    Jeanette K. - 09.09.2023

    Nusula L. - 11.09.2023

    Very good products.

    Sam D. - 12.09.2023

    This product has definitely helped with my sleeping

    Mercy z. - 12.09.2023

    Good customer care delivery within time and the products are the real deal. Lost weight 5kilos since I have been using the products for the past week.Good products that I have come across

    Pauline O. - 13.09.2023

    The product is easy to use. It taste great and the efforts are great

    Christina g. - 13.09.2023

    No results so far

    Lorraine H. - 13.09.2023

    Having great night sleep 😴

    Susan W. - 15.09.2023

    Got the Triple blocker

    Susan W. - 15.09.2023

    I like the taste of this drink

    Greta M. - 22.09.2023

    Love this product. Just back from holiday so will be back to it again. Feel the benefits and nice taste.

    Wendy B. - 26.09.2023

    I’m not sure its working for me

    Louise W. - 16.10.2023

    Absolutely brilliant losing weight inches and sleeping best ever

    Sharlett J. - 16.10.2023

    Good service I have been trying fat burn only for a week so I haven't seen any progress yet I will let you know when I see results

    Geraldine B. - 16.10.2023

    Have to say the night fatburn product has aided sleep i take it about 9 and it sure knocks me out

    Kay G. - 19.10.2023

    I was really impressed with my first purchase so was excited to send for more but I am disappointed my sleep is not as successful and my weight loss is not

    Emma W. - 21.10.2023

    Love it. Very happy with it.

    Lynsey H. - 22.10.2023

    Pleasant taste

    Lynn B. - 22.10.2023

    What can I say been taken this product for over a week now

    Caroline A. - 28.10.2023

    Brilliant.i am going through the menopause.hopefully it will help with weight loss .

    Jenny D. - 28.10.2023

    Not seen much difference at the moment

    Zoe E. - 29.10.2023

    I’ve been taking it every night at the same time for 10 days . There has been no change at sll

    Louise Y. - 30.10.2023

    Not noticed any change up too now not impressed

    Sharron P. - 01.11.2023

    Quick delivery and tastes nice. Not had any weight loss but it’s early days

    Elaina F. - 01.11.2023

    I’m not noticing a difference been on it over a week

    Ileana C. - 02.11.2023

    I think the night fat burner helps you to sleep very well and also you could see a difference in your waist and tummy

    David R. - 03.11.2023

    Unfortunately up to today I'm just the same

    Nicola C. - 03.11.2023

    Can’t recommend this highly enough I have been having problems with sleep and weight gain due to menopause and this has solved both issues it’s great

    Lynne F. - 05.11.2023

    At the minute after taking for 10 days I haven't seen any difference or lost any weight. I'll keep taking it and see

    Jeanette O. - 06.11.2023

    The product didn’t work caused palpitations unable to sleep and gained weight won’t be buying again

    Sharon S. - 07.11.2023

    Taken for a week now with no difference at all! Disappointing after reading the so called good reviews!!

    Joanne J. - 07.11.2023

    Didnt work for me

    Diane W. - 08.11.2023

    This is great i sleep brilliant

    Ruth S. - 09.11.2023

    Still not noticing any difference

    Terry L. - 11.11.2023

    It isn't working

    Mandy W. - 12.11.2023

    Taken for 10 days now

    Wanderleia B. - 13.11.2023

    I am satisfied with the product

    Sue D. - 15.11.2023

    Very disappointed

    Emma P. - 15.12.2023

    I was very sceptical that this would work. 2 weeks in I’m sleeping better and I’ve lost 8kg. I never loose weight but since using fat burn it’s dropping off really happy

    Shaistha S. - 15.12.2023

    Lovely product

    Pauline H. - 15.12.2023

    Christine W. - 15.12.2023

    I haven’t noticed any difference having. Taken this as directed ? So disappointed really. I’m icoming to the end of my second week now so expected to see / notice some changes Regards Christine

    Sandra H. - 16.12.2023

    Been using the Triple blocker along with the Night Fatburn for almost a month now and I've gained 2lb.. So disappointed as I really hoped these products would work 😪

    Catherine P. - 16.12.2023

    I am totally disillusioned. I bough the night burn extreme. I was convinced

    Pat M. - 17.12.2023

    Very quick delivery

    Chiquita G. - 17.12.2023

    Karen H. - 17.12.2023

    Sleeping better but no weight loss on my 3rd tub really expected more

    Adeola A. - 22.12.2023

    Work wonders

    John C. - 22.12.2023

    I found your site informative and easy to use and would recommend it to friends

    Lesley K. - 22.12.2023

    Been using a week no change in weight sleeping a little better hopefully weight will start to reduce wait and see

    Denise P. - 27.12.2023

    Website easy to use looking forward to getting my purchase

    Vinny S. - 29.12.2023

    I love it

    Antoinette c. - 29.12.2023

    kim h. - 30.12.2023

    Daniela Claudia B. - 30.12.2023

    Website very easy to use. Good informations about the products.

    Christopher R. - 06.01.2024

    Did not get my package

    Nancy M. - 06.01.2024

    I think the tins should be full and not half full so don't think I'll not be buying again

    Deek H. - 07.01.2024

    Robert M. - 07.01.2024

    Still waiting for the product

    Anne-Marie S. - 08.01.2024

    Website was easy to navigate. Ordered the night fatburn extreme. Read many positive reviews

    Emily B. - 09.01.2024

    Haven’t received it yet

    George B. - 10.01.2024

    Very happy with my order. Will definitely buy again.

    Verina T. - 11.01.2024

    So far so good

    Agnes H. - 11.01.2024

    All good so far. Can't wait for my order. Quite excited. Will be intouch soon.

    Abbey B. - 11.01.2024

    Easy to order. Great reviews. Can’t wait to receive mine.

    Cheryle S. - 12.01.2024

    Had before well recomended

    Kay M. - 13.01.2024

    Easy to order

    Andrew G. - 14.01.2024

    An on time delivery of the product (Night fat burning). However it has disappointingly not produced any of the indicated benefits e.g. improved sleep or weight loss.

    Diane B. - 14.01.2024

    Easy to order hopefully it will work as good for me as it has for others

    Nicole M. - 15.01.2024

    Christopher R. - 15.01.2024

    Never got.the order was stolen

    Jennifer C. - 15.01.2024

    Great product

    Denise P. - 16.01.2024

    Been taking a couple of weeks now sleep has improved a lot weight loss slow

    Julija R. - 17.01.2024

    Waste of money

    Louise K. - 17.01.2024

    I think it’s great. Been on it a week now lost 3lb and sleeping a lot better.

    Kate L. - 18.01.2024

    I like it

    Tara E. - 08.02.2024

    Good product and fast shipping! I’m very happy with everything. Thank you.

    Zsuzsanna M. - 09.02.2024

    Patricia B. - 09.02.2024

    Been on it 5days now and I can see a little difference but it's early doors yet

    Carole W. - 09.02.2024

    Great for helping me sleep. I've tried loads of things but this works best at mo. Haven't lost any weight and I'm on my 3rd tin.

    Miriam C. - 10.02.2024

    Buying the product was a 5* experience. I will rate the rest once my order has been received safely

    Lukasz K. - 10.02.2024

    Very poor customer service

    Gwen D. - 10.02.2024

    Love this great taste take ever night before bed will continue to buy it

    Sara K. - 10.02.2024

    Joanne M. - 11.02.2024

    As always the service is very good and communication between us is great. I've had the detox

    Saydee H. - 11.02.2024

    Not very keen on taste but it's helping me to sleep

    Ayshea P. - 11.02.2024

    Great product. Have used for several years and aids a good nights sleep in addition to supporting weight loss.

    Steven M. - 11.02.2024

    Seem nice but nothing happen yet

    Neal E. - 11.02.2024

    Really easy and straight forward. Seems to be doing what it says on the tin and hopefully I can start seeing results soon ontop of the losses I can see on the scales.

    Deanne J. - 13.02.2024

    Had my first drink last night. I thought it tasted fine

    Hazel H. - 13.02.2024

    Excellent service delivered on time sleep has never been so good and even lost 3pb been on it for ten days now

    Gwen D. - 14.02.2024

    Fab product love the drink at night helps me sleep also loose weight will continue to buy it

    Muntaha A. - 14.02.2024

    Iam totally surprised about the product . Fat burn and belly burn . Iam not hungry any more . Eating less . Lost 2kg in 2weeks .

    barbara s. - 14.02.2024

    taken for 2 weeks nothing has changed

    Steve S. - 14.02.2024

    Website very easy to use. Very good service and communication. Great products

    Sharon M. - 15.02.2024

    Laura A. - 15.02.2024

    People let me tell you.!!! I seen this and thought another waste of my time I have adhd and my husband has insomnia. I’m a real person no paid influencer I’m a mum of 3 struggling! These 2-3 hour sleeps are kicking my behind but I thought hey let’s have a try now I’m 4 stone over weight and my sleeps just awful. Night one was like yeah this is ok taste isn’t bad easy to use I will say it takes me an hour not 30 mins but I’m out! So night 2 my husband says can I try some reluctantly I made him one 1 hour later we are asleep

    Patricia B. - 15.02.2024

    I feel good since I have been taking this

    Vicky B. - 16.02.2024

    I have been using the product almost 2 weeks I haven’t noticed any change to my weight

    Jane S. - 16.02.2024

    Absolutely love the Night time burn

    Rita O. - 17.02.2024

    It was okay but it took a while to come but it is okay I've only just started using it so I will see how it is

    Rita O. - 17.02.2024

    It is okay i just started taking it so I will see how it is but the size is kind of tinny for the night fat burn so it was kind of low

    Jackie B. - 17.02.2024


    Sadie W. - 17.02.2024

    Craig S. - 17.02.2024

    Very good product

    Kym S. - 18.02.2024

    Excellent product sleeping so much better and bloating has gone and loosing weight definitely recommend only been using for 2 weeks

    Katerina T. - 18.02.2024

    Not workng

    Lynn M. - 18.02.2024

    Happy with my purchase just sent for another pack see how I get on with it .

    Mihaela P. - 19.02.2024

    Michelle B. - 20.02.2024

    It makes me sleep better and seems to be working

    Heather A. - 21.02.2024

    Edward B. - 21.02.2024

    Only been using fat burn for nearly two weeks so can't really comment on how it's working

    Joyce R. - 21.02.2024

    Eilidh mackintosh M. - 22.02.2024

    Very good

    Lorraine W. - 23.02.2024

    Great service and fast delivery have been using for 10 days now and I’m finally getting a full nights sleep with no disturbances and feeling more energised in the day not noticed any weight loss yet but bought for sleep issues so very happy.

    Khelsa B. - 23.02.2024

    Received with thanks

    Jessica B. - 23.02.2024

    Delivery was perfect Packaging was good I can’t tell how good it is since I only have used it today.

    Steve B. - 25.02.2024

    Excited to receive my order 👍🏼😊

    Adwoa A. - 26.02.2024

    Henry G. - 26.02.2024

    A very strait forward transaction and look forward to my purchase arriving. Thank you.

    Beverley W. - 26.02.2024

    All my products came on time and they taste good am sleeping a lot better my bowel is regular now my skin is glowing l feel very energetic.

    Alan F. - 26.02.2024

    This is my second order for night fat burn

    Jo H. - 28.02.2024

    The coffee is fine to drink but the night fat burn extreme is extremely awful! It makes me feel sick in my stomach. Will not buy it again

    Iwona M. - 29.02.2024

    Good 👍

    Chris W. - 29.02.2024

    Louise H. - 29.02.2024

    Easy to order and explanation of product very detailed.

    lubomir k. - 29.02.2024

    Laura K. - 29.02.2024

    Definitely sleeping better haven't noticed any weightless but it's early days

    Chris W. - 01.03.2024

    Just what I needed

    Tony H. - 03.03.2024

    Jennifr S. - 03.03.2024

    I’ve been drinking my stuff for nearly a month haven’t lost anything

    Chris W. - 05.03.2024

    Sam M. - 05.03.2024

    Can't wait to receive my order

    Gillian J. - 06.03.2024

    Just placed my first order which was easy to do and can't wait to try

    Kimberly W. - 06.03.2024

    Sylwia P. - 06.03.2024

    yes good

    Lisa S. - 06.03.2024

    Have been drinking this every night for nearly two weeks and already lost 2lb in the first week and my sleep has improved so much. Really happy with it

    Precious C. - 06.03.2024

    Dean B. - 07.03.2024

    claire w. - 07.03.2024

    Great product and good communication

    Beverley W. - 09.03.2024

    It's very tasty 😋 it arrived 🤤 on time I sleep 😴 much better am losing weight round my tummy.

    Kimberly W. - 09.03.2024

    Mrs jennifer M. - 11.03.2024

    Hi I have spinal stenosis scoliosis spondylitis arthritis and a fragility fracture in my upper back so I had to give up work the pains were unbearable I put on a lot of weight just sitting eating junk food. So I decided to go on a diet this wee add popped up on my phone and yes I decided to buy it I have 2 stone 4lbs of these drinks are amazing my daughter uses it too and she doing brilliant. So to anyone out there thinking of purchasing I would say yes buy it .Its brilliant. If I can do it anyone can (brilliant).

    Kimberly W. - 11.03.2024

    Donna W. - 11.03.2024

    I purchased the night fat burner extreme a few weeks ago

    Joanne O. - 12.03.2024

    I am pleased that I have purchased my product from yourselves. I have read your reviews

    Nyisha May R. - 12.03.2024

    So far so good. I lost 2lbs in the first week and every time I use this

    Joanna P. - 12.03.2024

    Love it !!!!

    Scott T. - 12.03.2024

    Amazing product

    Carmen M. - 13.03.2024

    Easy to order and lots of support.

    Erika T. - 14.03.2024

    Thank you all products its great

    Cheryl W. - 15.03.2024

    Michelle M. - 17.03.2024

    Not happy with product dont want anymore so please dont send any more

    Joanna P. - 18.03.2024

    Love the products

    Sharon H. - 18.03.2024

    I have been taking this now since i got but dont feel or see anything different i would rather hsve my money back to be honest .

    Yasmeen M. - 20.03.2024

    I’m not satisfied because I’m taking for last 21 days didn’t feel any difference

    shana g. - 20.03.2024

    Can't wait to try this I will update with results

    Thomas B. - 25.03.2024

    Will update review when I receive item

    Tracy H. - 27.03.2024

    So quick and easy to order . Products arrived 3 days whuch i didnt expect

    Yvonne C. - 28.03.2024

    Simon C. - 28.03.2024

    Paula R. - 29.03.2024

    Really good sleep well and helping with our weight loss journey

    Mandy G. - 29.03.2024

    Iv bought before the packageing is super cute in its own little box and it was on time too Customer services helped me alot as I wasn't sure how n when to take the product I can't wait to loose some weight with the product iv ordered Thank you

    Samantha M. - 02.04.2024

    Marijana S. - 04.04.2024

    Jacqueline B. - 05.04.2024

    Website very easy to use and prompt in sending email about my delivery

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